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Mehfil-e-Husne Qira?at

April 23, 2013: Mehfil-e-Husne Qira’at was organized by Alpina School, Lodhran Campus. Congratulations to the winners for this year’s competition! To those participants who did not win, do not be discouraged! Continue to practise and work hard and Insha’Allah you will have a better result next year! Remember, in the Sight of Allah (SWT), everybody is a winner for being part of this competition!

Classes 1 & 2: 1st Position – Reyan Ahmed Khan, 2nd Position – Haseeb-ur-Rehman

Classes 3 to 5: 1st Position – Kinza Salman, 2nd Position – Rana Anas Rasheed & Mishba Akbar, 3rd Position – Alweena Zia, Appreciation – Aqsa Batool

Classes 6 to 8: 1st Position – Aswa Faiz, 2nd Position - Syed Muhammad Sawaiz, 3rd Position – Abeeha Rasheed, Misba Faiz, & Abdul Basit