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Prefects Elections Lodhran

Alpina School Lodhran Branch conducted its Prefects Election. The build up to the elections and canvassing by the candidates were extremely exciting. The candidates actively convinced their classfellows to give them the vote. The candidates were issued their symbols, and they decorated the schools with colorful charts asking students to vote for them. On the day of the election the children lined up and were guided by the teachers in casting their votes in a ballot box specially made for the occasion.

Congratulations to the following winning candidates on becoming Prefects of their Classes for the year 2013-14!

Class 3: Aqsa Batool and Anas Rasheed

Class 4: Kanza Salman

Class 5: Alveena Zia and Maham Zahid

Class 6: Abdul Basit

Class 7: Muhammad Saweiz

Class 8: Asma Qureshi