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Habitats (Project Day) - Pre-Primary

“I am dazed by the astounding work that students have put in!” “I wish I could be a child reborn, only if I could attend here!” “No other school comes even close to the level of work that Alpina does!” These were some of the comments made by the visitors to Pre-Primary Branch, Model Town A, Bahawalpur, which was celebrating children’s works on its Annual Project Day. This year’s theme was Habitats, and each class presented their month-long hard and colourful work in their respective classrooms. Children clamoured to present their projects and get every visitor’s attention. Parents and guests were absolutely amazed by the fantastic work on display! Mrs. Jafri at the end of the event recounted how Alpina was the 1st school in Pakistan to start Playgroup classes and how policy makers and educators are only now realizing the importance of early education. With 33 years of experience Alpina has developed its own pre-primary curriculum, raking in on the best practices of several educational philosophies, and continues to expand the boundaries for others in innovation, creativity, and consistency in delivering quality education.