School Dress

We encourage children at Alpina School to wear the school uniform as listed below. The clothes can easily be obtained from our authorized Uniform Suppliers (for details please contact School Office).


SUMMERS:    Girls     Classes PG to 3 

                    Blue check-A line shirt, white socks/leggings, black shoes with flat heels.

                              Class 4 onwards

                              Blue check shirt, white shalwar with white dupatta, and white scarf.

                              Heads must be covered when entering and leaving the School, in Islamic profile

                    Boys    Classes PG to 3

                              Blue check shirt, navy blue shorts, white socks, and black shoes.

                              Class 4 onwards

                              They must wear navy blue trousers.


WINTERS:    Girls      Same as above except for a red cardigan and navy blue blazer.

                     Boys   White shirt, grey trousers, grey sweater, navy blue blazer and maroon tie.


All Blazers must have School Badges sewn on the pocket.

(Sweaters and blazers should also bear name-tags to avoid any loss. Lunch boxes must be labelled as well).

P.T. Uniform (Summer & Winter):

 Girls                        Class 1 to 3                                                                                                                           

                                White-A line shirt, white socks/leggings, white tennis shoes / joggers.

                                Class 4 onwards

                                White shirt, shalwar, dupatta and white tennis shoes / joggers.


Boys                        Class 1 to 3                                                                                                                          

                                White shirt, white shorts (white trousers in winter), white socks, white joggers. 

                                Class 4 onwards

                                White shirt, white trousers, white socks, and white joggers.

 (Note: P.T. Uniforms to be worn on P.T. days only.)

 Uniform restrictions must strictly be obeyed.

  • No jewellery or make-up, including nail polish, may be worn in school. We discourage the wearing of any jewellery, other than a watch, in the interests of your child's safety. Girls must have their hair tied back, if long. Boys must have a haircut every fortnight.
  • Large amounts of money, expensive wrist-watches, cameras, mobiles, calculators, ipods, other electronic devices and valuables are not allowed on school premises, and the school will not assume any kind of responsibility for these or any other student items.
  • All items e.g. clothes, lunch boxes, thermos flasks etc., must be labelled.
  • Personal hygiene of the child is checked regularly and if necessary a note is sent along with the child. Parents should take immediate remedial measures and not consider it a degrading gesture.