For us the curriculum is the primary way in which we are going to develop a broad band of knowledge that exposes children to different ways of looking at the world.


Through our curriculum we try to achieve a balance in the breadth and the depth of each subject area and a balance between the technological side and the aesthetic side. To encourage children in keeping abreast with the latest modern advances we offer IT classes right from Class 1. The curriculum is designed taking into account the needs of children of different ages and abilities.


In each area of the curriculum we help the children to acquire knowledge e.g. key concepts in English; skills i.e., the ability to use the acquired knowledge; and fostering positive attitudestowards the work they do at school.


We try to ensure that the knowledge and skills gained are used across the whole curriculum and not simply in isolation. Themes are interwoven in every subject and teaching is made more of a student oriented project-based experience.


The prescribed syllabus can be obtained from our authorized Booksellers (for details, please contact School Office).


The most thorough, complete, and balanced curriculum / syllabus