Parents are as much a part of the school community as the children and teachers. Your interest and support are vital in maintaining the drive and enthusiasm of the school. Co-curricular activities, field trips, and fund raising, are all areas in which we seek your involvement. Many parents have knowledge and skills that can be of enormous value to our pupils. If you feel there is a particular contribution you could make to the School please make the Class Teacher or Vice Principal aware of your talents by filling out the PARENT VOLUNTEER FORM available at the School Office.



It is important to keep the school informed of any significant changes that may affect your child. Please let us know promptly about any medical, physical, behavioural or emotional difficulties of which you become aware. A change of address or telephone number should be conveyed immediately. Please also provide an emergency telephone number in case the School needs to contact you urgently.



It is important that teachers and parents work together in the education of the children. Here are 12 suggestions as to how you can best support your child's progress through Alpina School.


  1. Your child needs you to be a parent not a teacher. Your role is unique. Accept your child and avoid comparing him/her to other children. Admire what he or she can do well.
  2. Invite your child into your life, even to the most mundane activities. Promote conversation and discussion at home. Include your child in planning family activities. Explain and discuss what you are doing, and where and when events are happening.
  3. Set useful and purposeful tasks to be accomplished. These will not only generate a sense of achievement and self-esteem, but also show that you value his/her contribution to the family. Offer praise at success and do not expect perfection. Be positive.
  4. Exhibit self-discipline and responsibility. Expect the same from your child.
  5. Talk to your child.
  6. Ask questions.
  7. Visit your child’s school on every Open House Day.
  8. Value education. Let your child know that you think School is important.
  9. Use books. Share books. Enjoy books.
  10. Read to your child, encourage your child to read to you – read, even if for twenty minutes a day. Reading is the most important activity.
  11. Utilise genuine opportunities for reading and writing. For example: notes, messages, letters to friends and family, recipes, instructions.
  12. Utilise the latest audio-visual aids and IT materials available locally to enhance and enrich your child’s learning experiences.


And above all: ENJOY YOUR CHILD!