Extracurricular Activities

Extra-curricular activities often provide a means for children to develop their talents in fields of interest other than academic. The opportunity also provides children with the chance of further developing social skills and closer relationships with other pupils and teachers.


Alpina School has for that purpose:

  • Funfairs,
  • Plays,
  • Quiz Competitions,
  • Drama Competitions,
  • Community Services,
  • Public Speaking & Debating Club,
  • Science, English, & Urdu Societies,
  • Music Society (School Band),
  • Scouting,
  • Bazm-e-Adb,
  • Hamd, Naat & Qirat Competitions,
  • School Magazine,
  • Inter & Intra Branch Sports,
  • and a host of other various activities and avenues for the children.


We also take the children out for expeditions and field trips with full staff supervision. Every class has their own Annual Picnic and if possible, at least one visit to a public institution or an educational location.


\"I just wanted to thank you for, among myriad other amazing

extracurricular activities, the Annual Project Day. How sophisticated,

beautiful and totally delightful it was. You really have done awe inspiring

work. I NEVER thought any school could have such

meaning, such modeling, such maturity! Your work is stellar. Thank you

for every ounce of energy!!! Love,\" - Mrs. Shazia Khan